MTI has more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing (ODM/JDM/OEM) high performance VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) RF equipment for satellite broadband applications. Our product offerings include C, Ku and Ka-band VSAT Transceivers/ODUs/BUCs/LNBs and VSAT flat panel antenna modules for GEO and LEO applications.

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Time to Market

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Versatile Bands

BUC / Transceiver
Antenna Module

BUC / Transceiver

MTI has been leading the satellite broadband terminal equipment market by manufacturing high quality transceivers for transmission and reception of satellite signals in Ka and Ku frequency bands.
We specialize in optimizing power consumption, signal performance quality and overall product reliability. In addition, our mechanical design expertise ensures highly compact and robust solutions. Our solid DFM (Design for Manufacturing) experience facilitates efficient collaboration with our customers to build high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions.



MTI’s solid experience in development and manufacturing of Satellite IDU (In-Door Unit) Modems provide our customers with superior performance, bandwidth efficiency and cost-efficient solutions.

Antenna Module

MTI has the experience in DFM, manufacture, assembly and test on , especially in the followings for low profile flat panel Antenna Module :
.Large Dimension High Density Interconnection PCB with DFM
.Highly Advanced Surface Mount Technology and Underfill
 process for Wafer Level Chip Size Package (WLCSP)
.Hydrophobic and Microwave Transparent Radome
 Fabrication and Large Scale mechanical thermal chassis
 as well as elaborate casting parts DFM and manufacture
.Heat Dissipation Structure, Thermal Interface Material
 solution for Thermal management
.High Linearity and Low Noise XCVR
.Wide Band, High Gain and wide scanning angle Electrically
 Scanning Antenna (ESA) DFM and Manufacture
.Efficient Antenna Test Environment dedicates for Production

Home Application
  • MTI’s VSAT ground terminal equipment enables reliable remote home connection to high speed internet. Our time-proven transceivers and modem solutions provide peace of mind to both the satellite operators and end-users.
  • MTI’s VSAT in-flight broadband terminal equipment solutions enable high-speed internet access and video streaming services to commercial airline passengers via tablets, smartphones and laptops. MTI’s high quality manufacturing provide reliability and peace of mind to the satellite operators, commercial airlines and the passengers.
  • MTI’s VSAT maritime broadband terminal equipment solutions are proven to withstand the toughest sea conditions while still delivering high quality bandwidth connectivity to ocean vessels worldwide.
Land Mobility
  • MTI’s VSAT land mobility broadband terminal equipment solutions are built to provide reliable internet connectivity to land vehicles from various LEO/GEO satellite constellations. Our volume manufacturing experience enables high quality integration of cost-efficient user terminals encompassing electronically steered (ESA) flat panel antennae, transceivers and modems.
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